About the Author and This Blog

Roger and son copy

Hi, I’m Roger McManus, the author of the newly published novel Nog: A Christmas Muse. Along with this, I’ve several more stories yet to emerge from out of the shadows, including the Heaven Bound series, and Chalked.

I live in the small town of Cambridge, NY, home of Pie à la Mode, with my wife and son. When I’m not writing I’m out back growing fruit bushes to make what else … pie. Originally from Brooklyn, I attended Brooklyn College. Do you see a pattern here? I once worked in a bookstore, ergo, I like to write. If I could say I once knew a guy named Rockefeller, I would.

The shouldered muse is my little spark of inspiration … I never know where it’s coming from … which sets me to writing. My larger works are those of fantasy, but in this blog, I want to share with you what hits me at the moment, slanted slices of life: real, fiction, perhaps a little bit of both. Let me know what you think or don’t think about them … and/or … of course … enjoy.

You’ll find that my posts will be one of five types:

realenough1) Real Enough: These are short stories … things that have happened in my life or not, either some time ago, just yesterday or even today, and all are open to perhaps some slight embellishments. But at the end of each of these, I will inform you of where I might have strayed from the exact truth … if I have indeed.


Thinkthought2) A Little Think Thought: These are little paragraphs, or slightly larger, with a message behind them.


AFunnyIt   3) A Funny It: A simple joke


RogerandOut 4) Roger & Out: Journal entries about me, usually pertaining to this blog and/or my writing and what else related.



5) From Parts Unknown: Fictitious Stories from somewhere beneath my scalp.


All in all … everything is meant to be entertaining. Your thoughts are extremely welcomed and unquestionably encouraged.

Roger McManus

6 Responses to About the Author and This Blog

  1. Thomas says:

    No farts here, just whistles

  2. Thomas says:

    I finally found time to read Chalked, I am enjoying very much and look forward to Chapter 7. Really good job.

  3. enicholsross says:

    Roger you are doing a great job! I love the more personal writing. and the “Roger and out” is perfect.
    Thank you for reading me, too.
    I miss Blog class!!

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