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Writing: What It Takes to Get Published?

Journal log entry – The walls are caving in. Have you ever felt numb in your head, like: “I don’t know what to do.”? These past couple of days, I have. I’m not sure what to write, and that happens … Continue reading

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Not So Rock Solid

How does a rock get in a shoe? People contemplate the cosmos, and life and death … but I wonder how a rock gets in a shoe. I mean really, I’m just walking down the street and all of a … Continue reading

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Good Health

First they were told by the surgeon general that sitting upright while eating would decrease their lifespan due to the food pounding on their stomach from a vertical drop. So the people began to lie crooked and hunched over, reclining … Continue reading

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The Winter Thaw

Journal log entry – Jogging in place, staring out the back window of my living room, I can see the polyurethane netting I’d hung last year, stretching from pole to pole as a barrier between the critters ranging from deer … Continue reading

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