Two Ccs of Info, Stat.

RogerandOutJournal log entry – This is a relatively new website, at the ripe old age of about two months, of course my fear is that the age of a web page may be similar to dog years and misleading, so that in actuality, in my own worrisome head, my blog may be only numbered days away from a pulled plug and the eternal magnet. I’m told don’t look at the blog stats. Things take time to build. Just write. That’s what you have to do. Just write. But it’s not even kind of addictive, the looking at it. It is. It is addictive, looking at the stats, wanting to know if you’re going in the right direction, chocolate candy (okay scratch that) … but … now I’ve learned … “Thank you, Lord.” … having heard all the good wisdom on focus; now … I just don’t tell anyone anymore that I look at the stats. When people ask where that intravenous line runs, I won’t tell them into the USB port of my computer. I’ll tell them it’s just a plastic-tubed placebo. They should believe that … no? But really, I’m optimistic to the point that I don’t cry anymore at the numbers. Just kidding; I still cry … just kidding again … or am I? I … I wonder if the numb… sorry I have to go, suffering a little … uh … withdrawal here … no um … no, a lot … g-g-got to take a-a-another peek at the…

Message from computer: Installing drive for new device found in USB port.

“Give it to me baby! …. Oh um … s-sorry … I’m, I’m really okay … really.

Signing off,

Roger and out.

(Question: Who actually is “Out,” and why isn’t he shown any proper respect with a capital letter for his name?)

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1 Response to Two Ccs of Info, Stat.

  1. Thomas says:

    The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem……

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