AFunnyIt   Big Al knew there was a stoolpigeon hiding in the gang that needed to be ousted, and for some reason he couldn’t explain, he kept staring at Joe’s four wooden legs and … tail feathers. “Joe…?”


And now a word from our sponsor.

You’ve spent the last quarter of an hour, bundling yourself under layers of clothes to face the cold, but not even five minutes out, you realize you have to use the john … obviously chafing sets in at this point.

You’ve wished yourself into an outfit, where science can’t even explain how you did it, and because you can’t remember how you got into it and neither NASA or Einstein is about to help, it’s going to take a hell of a long time to get out and the one thing your kidney’s ain’t got is time.

No fear! It’s here!

The greatest invention since the dinner bell and adult diapers … the Pee-dometer. It tells you 15 minutes before, even you know, you have to pee.

And the Pee-dometer isn’t even waterproof, that’s how sure we are that it’ll work.

No more fiddle when you’re in the middle of having to piddle. There’s no riddle … know beforehand, get the Pee-dometer.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

“I swear I was dusting, Al,” Joe pleaded, “and these legs are from a recliner. No, no, Al … nooooooo!”

Bang! Bang!




Roger McManus

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