Slanted Definitions 7


Shamrock – Fake plastic stone you hide a key in

Kindred – Family you don’t like

Preemptive – Letters A through L

Fortuitous – Not meant for three or more, or to be had alone

Impotent – Believing oneself more important than anyone else, when in actuality, not … and probably less … when all things are considered, especially when whoever that one is doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “important.” (Example of what goes around comes around)

Midnight – A squire … or a knight who just can’t ride a horse

Meaning – Doing something not nice to someone (Whereas “Demeaning” is apologizing.)

Hammer – One who makes pork pink.

Noon – Worse than a midnight, a horseless knight who repetitively takes hold of his sword from the wrong end, and whose swordplay, even without an opponent, is so bad that the term noon has become a synonym for “eunuch,” derogatorily known as a damsel in distress.

Wallflower – Natural material, second only after wood lumber, used in the construction of houses.

Roger McManus

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