Slanted Definitions 8

SlantedFunnyItSnowboarding – A means of torture carried out in the winter (as opposed to waterboarding in warmer climates)

Homesick – Only good for a commercial property (Unless you are a snowboarder, then it means: the best place to live)

Preventive – Before central air conditioning.

Sciatic – Roof

Schooner – Pre-pre-kindergarten

Gelding – What one horse calls another in a barroom brawl

Lemonade – Restorer of Edsels and/or Yugos

Daffodils – Those who go crazy for pickles

Switchboard – An inconspicuous handle, which has a button when pressed, releases a large two by four

Porridge – Waterfall

Function – Where the Soul Train stops

Detention – Relieve stress

Rumpus – What one excretes after having too much from the bottle

Frigate – To hell with it

Ragamuffin – Baked good also useful for dusting

Roger McManus

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