The Answer?

ThinkthoughtListen to this conversation:

“Do you like breakfast, Mr. ———?”

“I’m glad you asked, and I want to thank you for giving me this time to answer that question. We have to eat, obviously, and I like that sun coming up in the morning. I mean when you think of it, when we have breakfast, in other parts of the world they’re having lunch or dinner. So a meal is only what it is because of what time of day it takes place, which is directly related to what part of the world you find yourself in at that time. With that being said, we are what we eat, and I’d hate to start a day off cranky. I mean I really agree with what’s been said, and to say otherwise, I’m not going to say I don’t agree or do. Many people love that which may be, and I’m all … all for them exercising that right.”

“Okay. And how about you, John, do you like breakfast?”

“… Yes, I do.”

(If a particular occupation has popped into your head while reading this … isn’t that food for thought?)

Roger McManus

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