RogerandOutJournal log entry – What is great joy? Of course with that question we’ll have those already in the stratosphere, trying to be all philosophical. Please come down, you’re chipping my ceiling. Okay, the answer?

The answer is this: the other day I received my first comment here on the blog from someone who was not in my family, nor someone I personally know, and to boot, it was very nice. That always helps. Of course if it hadn’t been nice, you’d find it hard to read the smudged words in the tear stains. Okay, okay, I know it’s electronical, just go with it, suspension of disbelief, remember? Come on, it’s not as hard as ignoring the canned laughter on television. So as I said or am saying, through clearly not smudged letters, proving that the words were kind and it having nothing to do with it being typed out electronically, I received a warm comment from someone previously anonymous to me and it was a great joy. It made my day.

Her name is Linda … well at least it is unless she’s changed it since then, though I don’t suspect … but one never knows about these sorts of things. No, really, I do believe she still goes by Linda, which will help me out a great deal when I say, “Thank you, Linda.” because I really didn’t want to say, “Thank you, you.” Nobody likes to be referred to as a letter … or a sheep. No, but really, Linda, your few chosen words meant a great deal to me. I hope you continue to enjoy what I write.

Signing off,

Roger and out

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