The Weather Should Be So Delightful

RogerandOutJournal log entry – It’s snowing at my website for Christmas, though my wife thought it was static. I’ve hung the wreaths and holly. I’m considering putting up a chimney, as I wonder if Santa has yet gone virtual in his gift giving and might visit my website, perhaps a few upgrades, some new fonts, a better template to work from … and for next year, snow that doesn’t look like static.

But maybe I’m being too hard on my snow. Yes, I think I am. No, I will call it snow and not static, though my mother pointed out that the static on the television is called snow, but this is not supposed to be that kind of snow … and it isn’t. It’s a wintry night of flakes.

Right now I’m sure you’re probably saying, “Thank God he said flakes, because if he’d said snow or static once more, I was going to shoot myself.” Welcome to my hallucination. So, Santa, some new fonts, yes, but I’ll keep the snow …

Bang!!! (Sorry)

… I mean what I have, Santa, thank you. … I mean it’s only not snow …

Bang!!! Bang!!! (Sorry again)

… because it hasn’t become that for whoever sees only static.

Bang!!! (I deeply regret that … truly.)

That’s not to say they’ll never see the falling flakes. I think they can. I think they will. Just give it time and be willing to be open, that’s all it will take from them.

It’s like reading a book, if your mind is elsewhere, you won’t get the most from it and miss a few things. So give it the time when you come to my website, and see the … you know what I’m talking about, don’t let me hurt anyone else … falling, and once you’re there looking out at that, like through a window, and you yourself warm and cuddled up inside, then, read what I’ve written.

If you don’t get the most out of my writing at that point … well then I’ve at least sold myself on the snow …


… uh sorry … so as not to waste a wish for a possible gift from Santa on that, regarding my website … you know so maybe then perhaps I might just get that new font after all. I mean that’s if he disregards the number of bodies with holes in their heads that I’m not saying are my fault, but who many would blame me for … and might I add, that would be very wrong of them to do, or rather very naughty and not nice. Okay? Then think who won’t get a gift. Um … with uh … that said … good cheers to you all.

Signing off,

Roger and out

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1 Response to The Weather Should Be So Delightful

  1. Thomas says:

    Let it ………. Let it ………. Let it ………………………………………………………..

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