Slanted Definitions 10


Rollercoaster – What a gambler puts his drink on

Robotic – Secret weapon of the bugs when they take over the world

Organic – Like a depressing instrument

Stool Pigeon – Poor man’s clay pigeon for shooting (Of similar interest, see Stool Pots and why they went out of fashion for cooking, but were good for plants)

Capability – What a piece of cloth hanging from a superhero’s neck can do

Pretense – Before you know if it is past, present, or future

Buttocks – The most poisonous of fumes (The word Toxic is derived from it, formerly Tocksick. Mustard gas and pepper spray are variations of Buttocks, and are curiously related to ingested foods)

Quintessential – Needing five of something

Admire – Make muddy

Technological – Describing an invention that doesn’t make sense. E.g. Butt press for incontinence or the Helium inducer to decrease weight


Roger McManus

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